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Descripción del Curso

First Certificate in English Test 4

The preparation Tests for the First Certificate of English enable the student to obtain this certifcate which the Cambridge University provides and which qualifies the person who obtains it as an Intermediate user of the language with practical knowledge. The First Certificate in English is internationally acknowledged, both in the business world and in the educational field. Each exam is divided into five parts: Reading: it qualifies the reading comprehension of the students by means of written texts. Writing: it qualifies the writing abilities of the student. He/se will be asked to write an informal text (letter, aticle, etc.) about a specific topic. Use of English: it qualifies the knowledge and the use of the language of the student by means of different exercises which vary from cloze exercies, fill in the gaps, rewrite sentences, spot mistakes, etc. Listening: it qualifies the listening comprehension of the student by means of any type of oral production. The student will have to answer questions realted to what he/she has just heard. Speaking: it qualifies how the student expresses him/herself in English.

Duración: 3 horas

Navegador: Internet Explorer 6 (o posterior)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


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First Certificate in English 4


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